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It’s Dangerous To Go Alone, Take This Legend Of Zelda Pixel Cookie

By 04.23.12

“Pixel cookies” like these can be made by separating shortbread dough into different piles which are then kneaded with different food colorings. From there, the dough is refrigerated 15 to 30 minutes (to aid in molding the bits together later) before being squeezed into long, squared-off strings, Playdoh Fun Factory style. Then the colors are assembled — according to a pixelated pattern — into a log and cut into thin shortbread cookies, each looking like a recognizable sprite.

The cookie probably took me 12+ hours all together to assemble, minus baking time and chilling time (30 mins). The cookies were around 3 inches x 3.5 inches and are FLAVORED! Pandan (green) and coco-vanilla (white) flavored. [LMITK via That’s Nerdalicious]

LMITK also gives a shortbread recipe fine-tuned for pixel cookie making, and she also sells batches of these cookies. More pictures are below, and other cool video game themed pixel cookies are in the gallery at Walyou. Oh man, I wish somebody would triforce-feed me some of these cookies.

Larger photo gallery and recipe at LMITK.

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