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Spider-Man and Venom are Gonna Do the Superhero Movie Crossover Thing

By 06.12.12

Superhero crossovers! After the success of The Avengers, they’re the new hot thing. Warner Bros. desperately wants to make a Justice League project happen and now it seems Sony wants to get into the crossover game, even though they only own the film rights to a small corner of the Marvel Universe (Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man and all related characters).

A Venom movie is being developed by Chronicle director Josh Trank, and word is it will somehow cross over with The Amazing Spider-Man, or that the two movies will at least “make sense with one another”. I just hope the movie won’t star Topher Grace, because that made no sense any way you cut it.

So folks, assuming Sony continues to build on the Spidey-verse, which Spider-Man characters would you like to see get their own movies? I say Spider-Woman, because boobs.

via BleedingCool


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