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Three Scientific Discoveries That Make Finding Alien Life Inevitable

By 06.15.12

Jupiter’s Moons Could Hold Life…And the European Space Agency Is Looking for It

In 2022, the European Space Agency has just announced, they’ll be launching the Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer, with the unfortunate acronym of JUICE. JUICE’s job is, essentially, to examine the moons of Jupiter, specifically Ganymede, Europa, and Callisto, for life. It’ll be at the moons in 2033.

It’s more than just idle speculation or hope. There’s real scientific evidence that macrofauna, that is, full on animal life, could live in the oceans on Europa. Yes, there is a distinct possibility that, twenty years from now, we’ll discover space fish.

It’s also going to scan Ganymede for organic life, or at least the potential to offer a habitat to organic life. These moons are icy, yes, but they also have liquid water and possibly the building blocks of life. What form that life may take, we have no idea. But we’re going to find out.

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