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'Arrow' Makes With The Corporate Espionage Tonight

By / 10.31.12

With each passing episode, I find myself enjoying Arrow more and more. If you’d told me a month ago I’d be typing that sentence, I probably would have laughed at you. But, nonetheless, it’s the truth.

I’m continuing what’s become an ongoing series of liveblogs as we watch the show tonight, but apparently Arrow will be taking a break from fighting supervillains to put pointy things into executives again. But there’s one potential problem here, and it has a name.

Laurel Lance has been something of a pointless character on this show, but to Arrow‘s credit, they’ve already shown a willingness and ability to give seemingly obnoxious characters more depth. Colin Donnell had literally nothing to do for the first couple of episodes except act like a tool as Tommy Merlin, but last week he was given something meaty to do and actually delivered the one emotional arc with this show that has any weight.

The plot of the episode is pretty simple: Ollie knows somebody is innocent and he goes to Laurel, apparently the only lawyer in Star City. Meanwhile, Walter Steele contacts Felicity Smokin’ Smoak to figure out an illicit transfer conducted by Ollie’s evil mom.

It’s not the most compelling plot on paper, but hey, I’ve seen three episodes, I may as well stick with it. The liveblog starts at 8pm Eastern.


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