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Take-Two Interactive Steps Up, Assumes The Important Task Of Taking Wrestling Fans’ Money

By 02.14.13

Yes Daniel Bryan, you will be receiving video game residuals in 2013. 

Wrestling games! Much like pro-wrestling itself, wrestling video games are ignored by all but a niche audience that takes them very, very seriously. So when THQ (the pre-eminent publisher of grapplin’ games for the past 15-years) was torn apart by rabid creditors last month, a small but vocal group of gamers were quite concerned about the fate of the WWE license.

Well, don’t worry wrestling fans — there are still video game companies willing to take your money. Take-Two Interactive, the company behind the 2K Sports line, will be publishing all future WWE games. Phew, that was close. Could you imagine a world where a WWE game didn’t come out in 2013? How else am I going to be able to play as Roman Reigns and Fandango before they’re released?

Don’t expect much change in the games themselves though — Yuke’s, the developer of the last hundred or so WWE games, will continue developing WWE games going forward. Ah, all my dreams of a Jack Swagger of Mars space shooter or an incredibly difficult to control Kofi Kingston platformer, dashed upon the rocks.

via Kotaku

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