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When Life Gives You Lemons, Meow Underwater (And Afternoon Links)

By 03.07.13

McLovin meows underwater during his bath. We know that feel, bro. |via Obvious Winner|

Chronicling Sterling Archer’s Many, Many Injuries, Ailments, And Gunshot Wounds |UPROXX|

This Week in Posters: The Hangover 3, 1st look at Harrison Ford in Anchorman |Film Drunk|

FOX Sports 1 Network Promises Even More Free Live UFC Events |With Leather|

The Insane Idea Behind The ‘Up All Night’ Reboot That Drove Christina Applegate Off The Series |Warming Glow|

Welkah Testing The Mahhket Is A Remindah That Sparts Is Purelay A Business |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

7 Mixtape Stars Who Faded Into Obscurity |Smoking Section|

YouTube HOF: James Franco |Grantland|

Breaking Bad: 1995 Sitcom Style |Clip Nation|

Homemade Iron Man 3 Trailer |High Definite|

Rachel Weisz Is Perfection. NO ONE DENIES THIS. |Pajiba|

10 Medical Tools You’re Glad Only Exist in Museums |Mental Floss|

Guy Builds the Greatest Video Game Weapon Arsenal Ever |Technabob|

Dog Listens To ‘Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta’ |HuffPost Comedy|

Rappers And Taxes: Can They Write Off Strip Club Expenses? |Giant Life|

6 Kickstarters from the People Who Usually Ask for Money |College Humor|

Shaq Finally Gets Revenge on Aaron Carter from 2001’s ‘How I Beat Shaq’ |Brobible|

30 Rock’s Five Top Musical Moments, Picked By the Show’s Composer, Jeff Richmond |Vulture|

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