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Meet DC’s Hunky New Lobo

By 08.26.13


The New 52 has been a mixed bag — some of it has been good, some of it has been bad. Well, DC has just added a new a chunk of bad that pretty much personifies everything wrong about their current direction. Yes, DC has redesigned Lobo and you won’t believe how badly they’re missing the fraggin’ point with this one.

Hit the jump to check the new Lobo out…


Yup, Lobo is now a bland pretty boy in a leather leotard that hugs every one of his beautiful abs. Oh, and by the way, the Lobo that’s been seen so far in The New 52 isn’t the real Lobo. He’s actually a fake and the guy above is out to kill him. Another example of The New 52 really doing a great job of clarifying things for new readers.

By the way, here are some other Lobo redesigns DC rejected because they were too interesting…

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