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Nintendo Cuts The Wii U’s Price and Announces The 2DS. No, Really, The 2DS.

By 08.28.13

gammasquad2dsYes, this is real.

With no warning, or even a Nintendo Direct, Nintendo dropped a pile of pretty crazy news on gamers this morning. First and foremost, a new, bizarre looking portable called the 2DS. Basically, it’s a 3DS, but with no 3D and no hinge in the middle. It’s just a solid slab with two-screens in it that costs $130. Grab this thing while you can, because I have a feeling it’s going to end up a collector’s item (as in, it’s going to be discontinued quickly).

Second, Nintendo’s gone for it and dropped the price of the Wii U. It’s now $300 for a Deluxe set. No mention of what’s happening with the Basic set — Nintendo is likely discontinuing it and giving retailers the go-ahead to burn off stock, so you may be able to grab a very economical Wii U Basic set in the coming days/weeks.

Hit the jump for a “video introduction” to the 2DS…

So, who’s interested in buying a Wii U now that the price has dropped? Uh, is anyone interested in the 2DS? Anyone?

via GoNintendo

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