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Give Yourself Nightmares With The Best Vinesauce Video Game Glitch Videos

By 12.03.13
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The guys at Vinesauce like to break games. Well, not literally, but they apply a custom made corrupting program to classic video game ROMs, screw up the code and the results are random, ridiculous and sometimes a more than a bit frightening. Previously we showed you what they did to a random N64 Sesame Street game, but they’ve messed with tons of other, better known games. These are some of our favorite Vinesauce classic video game desecrations…

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

You knew this was going to be good the second the Triforce pieces glitched out and missed each other.

Now, the above Link to the Past video was fairly amusing. Well, how about one that’s more on the terrifying ending of the spectrum? Meet Sen.

Super Mario Bros. 2

Oh, you know the weird dreamscape that is Super Mario Bros. 2 is going to produce some fine glitches…

Mario Kart

This one might be my personal favorite.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


Metal Gear Solid

You know, if this stuff happened while I was playing a Metal Gear game, I’d probably just shrug and assumed Kojima did it on purpose.

Super Mario 64

Is there any game more prone to crazy glitches than Mario 64? Early 3D games used really weak glue to stick their polygons together.

Want to check out more corruption videos? You can do that right here.

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