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New ‘Dying Light’ Footage Isn’t For Those Afraid Of The Dark Or Heights

By 12.17.13


Hey, remember Dying Light? It’s the next-gen Mirror’s Edge meets Dead Rising game by the makers of Dead Island. We haven’t seen much of the game in a while, but a hefty chunk of new gameplay footage popped up online today. The footage shows what happens when the sun goes down in the game — hint, the game’s called Dying Light, so it’s nothing good.

Check out nine-minutes of Dying Light footage below…

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Well, the game’s certainly looking visually impressive — much better Dead Rising 3.

That said, man I would be horrible at this game. Mirror’s Edge (sort of) worked because its stages were linear — I feel like I would spend 90% of my time in Dying Light completely lost. The other 10% would be devoted to watching zombies eat my face.

via Destructoid

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