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Liveblog: ‘Arrow’ Feels Some ‘Tremors’ Tonight

By 01.29.14


Arrow gave us a lot of things we wanted to see last week, and also a bunch of Laurel. And tonight it looks like we get to see what super-strong Roy can do. Here’s what happened last week, and what to expect tonight.

Last episode…

  • Laurel finally got what was coming to her as she was arrested for her pill-head tendencies. The show also revealed she’d been stealing her father’s drugs, and gave Paul Blackthorne a great moment where he gets to essentially say to Laurel what the audience has been thinking for months.
  • The show tried to make us worried about Roy and his rage-case tendencies. The problem being that the near-murder they took so seriously was, of, uh, a guy who’d been torturing and murdering prostitutes. So the whole “Oh, Roy, you could have killed someone” drama fell a bit flat.
  • Brother Blood framed someone else for his crimes, so currently everybody thinks he’s a nice guy again.
  • And on Flashback Island, Sara breaks ties with Ivo in about the dumbest way possible, but at least she’s twigged to the guy torturing people in cells on a boat maaaaaaay be a bit psycho.
  • Also, we finally saw us some Deathstroke.

This episode sees the return of Bronze Tiger, and seems to have a few hints for the upcoming Suicide Squad episode, the return of Walter Steel, and the arrival of Nicholas Lea, aka Agent Krycek from The X-Files, as the oddly generically named “Mark Francis.” Here’s a trailer!

The shenanigans start tonight at 8pm EST. Come hang with us as we laugh at Laurel’s pain and root for Michael Jai White to kick some ass.


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Liveblog: ‘Arrow’ Feels Some ‘Tremors’ Tonight


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