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Here’s The Rest Of The ‘Tude-Having Cast Of ‘Star Wars Rebels’

By 02.21.14


As mentioned, the unveiling of the cast of Star Wars Rebels is providing an interesting peek at the future tone of the series now that it’s part of the Disney Empire. Thus far we’ve had male Katniss and Hot Topic graffiti artist Sabine, and now we can reveal the rest of the ‘tude having cast.

First off we have Kanan, a rough around the edges, gun toting, soul patch sporting Jedi, voiced by a very old looking Freddie Prinze Jr…

Next up, we have Zeb, who’s basically Chewbacca, except with a cockney accent and, of course, an ever-present smirk…

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Think a droid can’t have ‘tude? Oh, a droid can have ‘tude [snaps fingers in z-formation]…

Finally, we have Hera, the ship’s pilot who actually seems kind of likeable. But don’t worry, she’s also gruff, rough and take no prisoners. Mmmm-hmmm, you go girl…

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This rag-tag bunch will smirk and sass their way across a galaxy far, far away this fall.

via Entertainment Weekly

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