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Honest Trailers Takes The Hammer To ‘Thor: The Dark World’ And Thor’s Snuggie

By 02.05.14

Chris Hemsworth in an Asgardian Snuggie

Screen Junkies of Honest Trailers fame already took the hammer to Thor. Now they’re back with an honest trailer for Thor: The Dark World filled with plenty of snark and an awesome Portal reference.

“Thor is back in another perfectly adequate Marvel movie that pleasantly killed a few hours of your time with enough cool visuals, action, and humor to keep you from wondering, Why does the elf man want to shoot magic Kool-Aid into the sky holes?” says trailer voice guy in the video. Say what you will, Thor and Thor: The Dark World have grossed over $1 billion and ANOTHER is on the way.

On the other hand, trailer voice guy continues, “Watch as the mighty Thor mopes around Asgard in a Snuggie because he’s still hung up on a girl he spent one long weekend with and hasn’t called in two years.”

*Looks at banner picture* Asgardian Snuggies are fancy.

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