9 Ways ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Needs To Improve The Arkham Formula

By: 03.06.14

gammasquadarkhamknight3The Riddler, former designer of N64 Rare games. 

Cool It On The Riddler Stuff

Okay, if there’s one kind of depth I can do without, it’s overload of Riddler collectibles. I don’t want to finish the game’s story and find I’ve only completed 10% of the game because there’s 500 Riddler trinkets left to collect. The Riddler stuff in Arkham Asylum was fun enough because it was pretty low key, but it was expanded to the point of tedium in City and Origins. Not only are the Riddler trophies not that fun to collect, but they detract from the verisimilitude of the games by essentially turning Gotham into a Banjo-Kazooie level.

Give Me Some Actual Mysteries To Solve

Past Arkham games have contained glancing nods to Batman’s detective skills, but none of the “mysteries” in those games were particularly mysterious. Most just involved pushing the scan button and following a clearly marked trail. I want a mystery that requires a bit of deductive reasoning and actual puzzle solving. If Rocksteady is afraid this would slow the game down too much, they can make them strictly side missions. This is what they should do with The Riddler — make catching him a complex, Phoenix Wright-like adventure game sidequest as opposed to a dry collect-a-thon.

gammasquadarkhamknight4More of this please. 

Less Thugs, More Mr. Freeze

Yes, the Arkham games have a pretty damn good combat system, but that said, the games tend to overemphasize goon punching. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy punching the occasional goon, but I find the non-stop thug pummelling gets to be a drag by the end of most Arkham games.

Remember that part of Arkham City where you fight Mr. Freeze? You know, the part everyone loves? I think part of the reason that section of the game resonated so well, is that there were no thugs. Instead you just fought a very resilient, resourceful Mr. Freeze. How much time does Batman actually spend fighting thugs and street level guys in the comics? A page here and there, because honestly, it’s not that interesting. Far more time is devoted to elaborate showdowns with the main villains. I want more of Arkham Knight to consist of epic, lengthy face-offs with iconic villains, and less time spent on fisticuffs with the same four or five types of goons over and over.

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