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Comics Of Note, March 19th

By 03.19.14

Ms. Marvel #2



This book started fairly strong and has already pulled off a surprising monkey wrench in the works; this Ms. Marvel isn’t exactly who you think she is, let’s say, and go from there. G. Willow Wilson makes Kamala one of the more relatable teenagers in comic books, while Adrian Alphona continues to offer a nice balance of realism and cartooniness. Highly recommended.

White Suits #2


Dark Horse

Frank Barbiere and Toby Cypress continue their story of Russian assassins taking over the Mob. We weren’t impressed with the first issue, which felt like a New Yorker cartoon gone Tarantino, and that extends to the second issue. The plot’s a bit of a mess, with the book jumping around to a whole string of threads. It’s OK, we suppose, but there are better espionage books on the stands.

Terminator: The Enemy Of My Enemy #2


Dark Horse

Dan Jolley and Jamal Igle continue to show people how it’s done with the Terminator. Jolley’s script is action-packed and tightly paced, and Igle delivers both action scenes and superb pacing with his artwork. It’s a great use of the property, and highly recommended.

Loki: Ragnarok And Roll #2


Boom! Studios

Eric Esquivel and Jerry & Penelope Gaylord continue a story of a Norse god taking over the rock world. Honestly, the comic is lacking something in that we have no idea about the music behind Loki’s meteoric rise, and the comic itself is a little chatty. But it’s fairly funny, at points, and you certainly can’t fault it for being unoriginal.

Skyman #3


Dark Horse

Joshua Hale Fialkov and Manuel Garcia start wrapping up their four-issue miniseries with a fairly fun confrontation. Fialkov wisely skips the obligatory superhero fight between Skyman and Captain Midnight, and gets right to the two fighting a government black ops force instead. It may not be breaking ground, but it’s a lot of fun.

Curse #3


Boom! Studios

A book best described as “werewolf noir” continues. Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel deliver a gritty, smartly done script that keeps piling on the complications without getting confusing, and Riley Rossmo and Colin Lorimer deliver some vivid art that manages to carry both the gore and the emotional content. Highly recommended.

Sex Criminals #5


Image Comics

Any book that opens with terrible limericks has the key to my heart, and it helps that Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky have consistently turned Sex Criminals into a funny, naughty, action-packed book that both subverts ridiculous tropes and riffs on serious issues in a funny way. Highly recommended.

Samurai Jack #6


IDW Publishing

Jim Zub and Brittney Williams demonstrate that leprechauns are annoying little monsters in a hilarious issue. Even if you’re not familiar with the cartoon, this is a fun, lighthearted series that’s a joy month in and month out. Highly recommended.

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