Comics Of Note, March 26th

By: 03.26.14

Regular Show #11


Boom! Studios

KC Green and Alison Strejlau bring, perhaps, the subtext of the show a little too close to the surface with this plotline about Rigby trapped by the spirit of the ’90s. But who cares when it’s funny and creepy? Similarly, Andrew Greenstone and Josceline Fenton’s educational strip on zine production is cute, but it feels a bit redundant, like a hipper version of those dorky puzzles in back of kid’s magazines. Still a good book, and handy to buy for any kids you’d like to turn on to comics.

Hawkeye #18



Matt Fraction and Annie Wu continue their movie-soaked and funny adventure with Kate Bishop as she tries to take over L.A. Honestly, this issue works not least because Kate’s such an entertaining character, but it also raises the stakes in clever and effective ways. Highly recommended.

Mind MGMT #20


Dark Horse

Matt Kindt delivers yet another story of the Management program gone horribly wrong. But this one is particularly arresting as it asks what you do with people who you’ve made into, for lack of a better word, freaks. It’s a vivid story, and as always, one worth reading. Highly recommended.

The Massive #21


Dark Horse

Brian Wood and Garry Brown wrap up a story of ugly, unfinished business in Callum Israel’s past. And, it turns out, unfinished business in Israel’s future. Let’s say that for fans of this book, it ends on a chilling note and a hint that we might finally know what’s behind the Crash, the event that defines this series. Highly recommended.

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