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Comics Of Note, April 9th

By 04.09.14

Ghost Rider #2

ghost rider 2


Robbie Reyes is the new spirit of vengeance… but he doesn’t realize it yet, and that’s making his life just a little complicated. Felipe Smith is doing a good job with the slow burn, here, although there’s plenty of action, and Tradd Moore’s curving, warped style is perfect for this book. It still feels written for the trade, but it’s definitely worth a read.

Rocky and Bullwinkle #2


IDW Publishing

After a somewhat stilted first issue, the second issue gets up to speed. Mark Evanier’s pacing feels tighter and he’s clearly more comfortable with the terrible wordplay we all know and love. A great kid’s book, if you’re looking for one.

The Returning #2


BOOM! Studios

Jason Starr throws a lot of exposition at us here, and honestly, mostly what it does is make the book muddled. Two issues in, it’s not terribly clear who anyone is, why the “changers” are all homicidal maniacs, or why they’re doing any of this. Andrea Mutti’s art is quite pretty, but the book does need to tighten up the plot.

Unity #6



The Unity team comes up against Dr. Silk, who it turns out has very personal motives for trying to take over the world. Matt Kindt’s script is actually a skin-crawlingly creepy read, which we mean in the best way possible: Silk is far more disturbing a character than your standard mad scientist. With solid art by CAFU, it’s a great read, and highly recommended.

Samurai Jack #7


IDW Publishing

It’s Samurai Jack, gender-flipped, fighting leprechauns. You expected something sane from Jim Zub? Brittney Williams does a superb job with the art; it’s faithful to the show, but quite kinetic and enjoyable. Great for fans of Samurai Jack.

Astro City #11

astro city 11


Shifting back to light comedy mode, this book asks what it takes to be the assistant of the most powerful mage in all the realms. Turns out it’s as hectic as you might think. As always, highly recommended, especially since this issue in particular is side-splitting.

X #12

x dark horse

Dark Horse

What happens when X, not the most stable of Jenga towers in the first place, gets his ass well and truly handed to him? That’s the premise of this issue, and it’s a nice switch from this book’s usual routine of X killing everything. Worth a read for fans of Duane Swierczynski, and Eric Nguyen’s art feels a bit sharper here.

Star Wars #16


Dark Horse

No points for guessing what happens in this issue: Suffice to say the Rebellion has not found the friendly home it thinks it has. But the real standout is Brian Wood’s exploration of Luke’s character; he’s still whining, but he’s trying to toughen up. A slower-paced book than usual, but still a great piece of work and highly recommended.

Creepy Quarterly #16


Dark Horse

The black and white horror anthology is anchored, this month, with a nice bit of modern urban legend-type horror from Ted Naifeh. But there’s a lot more to love, here, and if you’re looking for horror comics, this is always a good choice.

Bloodshot And The H.A.R.D. Corps #21



Mission: Improbable wraps up, and in, as you might expect, a smart-assed, funny way from Christos Gage and Joshua Dysart. Valiant’s books are always worth a read, but this crossover in particular has been a hilarious ride. Highly recommended.

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