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5 Movie Star Superheroes That Would Work Better On TV

By 05.07.14

Sony Pictures/Marvel

This isn’t the silliest thing that happens in ASM2. Not even close.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 isn’t great for a lot of the same reasons Spider-Man 3 wasn’t great, and I’m sure future Spider-Man movies will fall into the same trap. People like Spider-Man for two primary reasons — a) the soapy details of Peter Parker’s regular life and relationships and b) Spider-Man’s rogues gallery, which is either comicdom’s best or second best (after Batman’s) depending on if your a Marvel or DC guy.

So, the makers of every new Spider-Man movie are compelled to include a bunch of character and relationship drama and pack in as many iconic villains as possible. The end result is movies that feel overstuffed and schizophrenic, bouncing back and forth between doe-eyed romantic scenes and elaborate supervillain set-ups, and in the end both the relationships and the villains feel underdeveloped.

The reason Spider-Man was considered groundbreaking in the first place was because of the serialized nature of his stories. Spidey didn’t just have a series of wacky one-off adventures like Batman or Superman — Spider-Man, his supporting characters, villains and world were allowed to develop and change over time. TV would allow Spider-Man to embrace what made him great. Imagine if Gwen Stacy’s death (uh, spoilers?) had happened after a couple seasons worth of character development instead of a couple frantic blockbuster movies? People would have lost their s–t. Also, they could bring back the theme song…

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