5 Movie Star Superheroes That Would Work Better On TV

By: 05.07.14


Hey, Captain America! Where’s your shield?

Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four is essentially a superhero sitcom. It’s a story of four wacky mismatched family members who live, love and learn together except, you know, one of them can turn into fire and another is made of orange rocks. None of the Fantastic Four flicks have felt properly cinematic partly because they were just plain crummy movies, but also because the real heart of Fantastic Four is just Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben hanging around the Baxter building sniping at one another.

Superhero comedy doesn’t have to be Batman & Robin or Peter Parker’s emo dance scene from Spider-Man 3. A smart, edgy yet affectionate, Adult Swim-like take could be exactly what the Fantastic Four needs. Just don’t replace the Human Torch with HERBIE this time around and we’re cool.

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