Comics Of Note, May 14th

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The New 52: Future’s End #2


DC Comics

This book is mostly about Firestorm and how Ronnie Raymond’s screwing around has consequences. It’s not badly written, but honestly, Terry McGinnis is a far more interesting character, and while vignettes from the lives of DC heroes is a fun concept, there should be a bit more to this weekly book than that. Great cover, though.

Lumberjanes #2

lumberjanes 2

Boom! Studios

Or, Girl Scouts Vs. Monsters. Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis have thankfully dialed back on the twee for this issue, although they also need to stop the device of one character being too stupid to keep from dragging the others into danger. Still, Brooke Allen’s artwork fills in some of the gaps by the script, and is quite endearing; definitely worth a read, if you haven’t picked it up.

Ghost Rider #3

ghost rider 3


As you may have guessed, this new Ghost Rider is in a slightly stickier situation than he realizes. Tradd Moore’s the real MVP here; his art carries Felipe Smith’s script through something of a slow patch on this book. Still, worth a read if you’ve been following the book.

Terminator: The Enemy Of My Enemy #3


Dark Horse

Dan Jolley and Jamal Igle continue to deliver a superb Terminator series. Whether you’re looking for an action book, or looking perhaps for the Terminator sequel that actually does something with the concept, this comes highly recommended.

The Returning #3

the returning 3

Boom! Studios

This book is so absurdly convoluted at this point Jason Starr, the writer, probably doesn’t know what’s going on. This is the third issue of four and most of it is dedicated to lengthy exposition about “changers” and near-death experiences and what have you. It’s not a bad concept, but now we’ve got one issue to deliver on it. At this point I’m forced to recommend waiting for the trade; it’ll probably be a better reading experience.

Afterlife With Archie #5

afterlife with archie 5

Archie Publications

The Archie vs. zombies book continues to be one of the best books on the stands. This time around, it’s the loyal Lodge butler, Smithers, in the lead role, and it’s a fascinating character study of a man devoted and loyal to his employer… while being principled enough to know how to set that loyalty aside. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa really shows his chops finding such depth in these characters, and Francesco Francavilla’s art remains some of the most vivid and gorgeous on the stands. Highly, highly recommended.

Batman Eternal #6


DC Comics

OK, I admit it: Teaming up Batwing and the Spectre to poke around under Arkham Asylum is inspired and I want to see more of the pairing. I’m still on the fence about whether this book can sustain its momentum through another 46 issues, but it’s a fun read, nonetheless.

Hellboy In Hell #6


Dark Horse

Mike Mignola continues Hellboy’s adventures in the Stygian depths in this odd, dream-like book. It’s decidedly something different for the character, and while it’s got a lot of action to it, it’s the quiet moments in this book that will stick with you. Highly recommended.

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