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The 10 Best Kart Racing Games Of All Time

By 05.29.14


8) Mario Kart 64

It’s an old gaming truism — most people’s favorite Mario Kart is the one that just happened to come out when they were 12. Technically Mario Kart 64 came out when I was 15, but I was an immature 15 so, speaking purely from the heart, this is probably my favorite Mario Kart.

Looking at the game more objectively, Mario Kart 64 has its problems. Its 2D/3D hybrid graphics aren’t great, and its rubber band AI is out of control, but still, there’s a lot to like here. It introduced four-player console multiplayer to the world, its battle mode arenas are great and at least half the game’s tracks are really good. Putting my personal warm-fuzzies aside, this isn’t the best karting game of all time, but it’s still top-10 material.



7) Kirby Air Ride

Kirby Air Ride came out during an era when NINTENDO IS KIDDIE GARBAGE petulance was at an all-time high and most critics savaged the game for its cuteness and simplicity. Thing is, once you get past the fact that the game is so streamlined it doesn’t even have a button for acceleration, it’s actually a hell of a lot of fun. Air Ride really is one of the Gamecube’s most underrated titles.

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