‘Trees’, ‘C.O.W.L.’ And Other Comics Of Note, May 28th

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Mind MGMT #22


Dark Horse

Matt Kindt guarantees that… well, let’s say things do not improve for our doughty band of psychics in this issue. It’s a pretty tense book that answers a fairly compelling question: If working for “The Management” is so awful, why do so many people do it? As always, a highly recommended book.

The Massive #23


Dark Horse

Honestly… while the overall plotline of this book, about water tankers crossing the desert post-ecological disaster, is compelling, this book is beginning to go off the rails in a larger sense when it comes to the character of Mary. A gritty, serious exploration of a post-apocalyptic world doesn’t really need a goofy hippy Gaia spirit, which I’m worried Mary is turning into, even if she is one with an AK-47. Don’t even get me started on a character named Mary being pregnant out of nowhere. It’s still a good book, but it might be hitting the tipping point for some.

Harbinger #23



Everything this book has been building to over the last two years pays off here. We won’t spoil it, partially because Valiant, no kidding, actually worked a “NO SPOILERS!” watermark into the review copies on top of their usual watermarking, so we’ll respect their wishes. Suffice to say fans of this book are in for a hell of a ride.

Nightwing #30


DC Comics

Or Grayson #0. At least the set up for Dick’s new series is interesting, and the exposition is couched in the best possible way to couch exposition: A massive fight with Batman. Hard to knock a book that’s mostly a big Batman fight.

Batman #31

batman 31

DC Comics

Zero Year finally approaches an ending. We’re really looking forward to what comes next on this book; it feels like Zero Year has been going on for years now. At least the payoff has been worth it, in this issue.

Flash #31


DC Comics

Somebody’s stolen a bunch of low-grade villain toys, but who? And what does it have to do with the Barry of the future and his new, violent approach to the Rogues? A pretty interesting issue, and one worth picking up for Flash fans.

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