‘Velvet’ #5, ‘Original Sin’ #2 And Other Comics Of Note, May 21st

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Justice League Of America #14


DC Comics

Hey, uh, here’s the book leading into the book that’s already published two issues. Schedule delays stink, and honestly, this book feels mostly more like tying off loose ends; Justice League United is far more interesting.

X-O Manowar #25



This twenty-fifth issue includes both an introduction to the Armor Hunters, and a bunch of short strips about Aric and his armor, ranging from a cute strip for kids to Justin Jordan taking Aric and Shadowman out for a few beers. If you’re looking to get on board with this book, and you should be, this is a good issue to pick up.

Justice League #30


DC Comics

“Why do you want to join the League, Luthor?” “Because I’m an egomaniac.” Oh, how handy that lasso of truth is. That said, though, Luthor joining the team turns out to not be the worst idea; Luthor’s got a taste of what it’s like to be a relatively good guy and he’s enjoying it a little too much to just go back to being bad. It’s a fascinating concept, and it’s got some real promise.

Dark Horse Presents #36


Dark Horse

DHP wraps up its run at an 80-page giant with this issue, and it’s the usual mix of interesting stories. Unfortunately, wrapping everything up means everything is a bit rushed, but there are some clever one-offs here, like the short story Dogstar. As usual, highly recommended, and we’re looking forward to its return in August as a 48-pager.

BPRD #119


The latest arc in this book wraps up with a bang. As usual with the Hellboy family, the book’s an artist’s showcase, and James Harren doesn’t disappoint.

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