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By 06.05.14

Take Two Interactive

This week, we kicked off a series exploring the 50 best-looking games of all time. Here’s Birch with the first ten, as well as the criteria we held ’em to. And now it’s my turn, with 40-31, and surely not a controversial decision in the bunch!

40) DmC: Devil May Cry



Taking on a theme of crushing and destruction, this reboot had impeccably bizarre and otherworldly art direction. Floating debris, lurid creatures, and constant riffing on themes, it was both disturbing and beautiful.

39) Metal Gear Solid 3



Games at the end of a console life cycle tend to have the best graphics, and the Metal Gear series is no exception. Konami and Kojima got some of the best graphics out of the PS2 that we’d ever seen.

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