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‘Hulk Vs. Iron Man’ And Other Comics Of Note, June 25th

By 06.25.14

Mind MGMT #23


Dark Horse

Matt Kindt’s story of psychics and espionage takes a tragic turn, and a compelling one. Once again, though, it’s Kindt’s stunning sense of design and art that make this one of the best books on the stands. Some of the best experimental comics out there, and highly recommended.

The Massive #24


Dark Horse

This hard-edged story of the value of water in a post-ecological-disaster world is still a little hippy-dippy around the edges, but Brian Wood redeems it enough with a lot of intrigue and strategy. A fun read, and hopefully leading into a great climax.

X-O Manowar #26



Who are the Armor Hunters? Kind of an important question considering they’re anchoring Valiant’s summer crossover, and this is more of a straightforward action story than anything else. But it’s a fun read, at least, and ties into the crossover quite well.

Justice League #31


DC Comics

This book picks up a little steam: Luthor figuring out Batman’s identity is a fun plotline to tie to this book, and Shazam’s struggles to be more than a kid are amusing. This book has its off moments but this issue is undeniably a lot of fun, and the ending has a lot of promise.

Batman #32


DC Comics

Using a video in place of actual criticism is a shoddy, cruel way to get a cheap laugh. It’s a low tactic that I’ll happily sink to:

Seriously, Synder, Capullo, you guys do a great job, but is DC paying you by the panel? It’s been twelve issues, you bumped off your major antagonist, the Red Hood, issues ago… wrap it up! We get it!

Superman #32


DC Comics

Let’s just say that the opening of this book will be rather familiar, but it’s not setting up what you’d expect. And we’ll leave it at that. As for John Romita Jr.’s much hyped arrival on the book, well, it looks pretty, I guess? Romita’s no slouch and his art is always nice to see, but there’s not much here to indicate Superman is a particularly big deal for his portfolio. Still, it’s a well put-together book, and the emotional content, lingering on just how lonely Supes is, offers some real meat.

Flash #32


DC Comics

Robert Venditti’s vengeful, murderous Flash is actually a nice addition to this book; the theme of the things you miss when you’re a superhero, or just too busy, takes on an added resonance with Barry trying to save the future in the most desperate way possible. Worth a read.

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