‘Kill Shakespeare’, ‘Sex Criminals’ And Other Comics Of Note, June 18th

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Axe Cop: American Choppers #2


Dark Horse

The goofy series gets goofier! A review is kind of pointless for this; either it’s your bag or it’s not. If you’re not sure, pick up an issue and try it out.

Brain Boy: The Men From G.E.S.T.A.L.T. #2


Dark Horse

Think Fred Van Lente can’t take this amusingly smart-assed series further over the top? Care to put any money on that?

The series is a hoot and one of the more amusing Dark Horse superhero books. Although how Van Lente’s going to top his ending here, I have no idea. Highly recommended.

Silver Surfer #3

Screenshot 2014-06-18 at 12.52


Dan Slott and Mike Allred hilariously riff on Marvel’s more pompous depictions of space with a lighthearted farce that’s actually an oddly touching story underneath. And it also happens to feature the Surfer showing his time on Earth taught him the most important skill you can learn from an Earthling. Namely, fighting dirty. Highly recommended.

Translucid #3

translucid 3

Boom! Studios

Daniel Bayless continues to deliver some of the best art on the stands in this book, a vivid and disturbing look inside the mind of a vigilante, more or less literally. Still, the pacing can be a problem; this book is blatantly written for the trade. I still recommend checking it out; it’s a clever take on superheroes that’s worth a read.

Original Sin #4

original sin 4


Ready for this book to get even more complicated? Joking aside, Jason Aaron’s crossover has been a hoot, and this issue keeps up the twists and turns. Even if everyone’s guess about last issue’s cliffhanger was absolutely correct.

Daredevil #4

daredevil 4


In four issues, Mark Waid and Chris Samnee have managed to credibly reinvent the Owl and the Shroud as characters worth paying attention to, and the close of this arc is a welcome piece of straight-up superheroics with a strong bent of characterization. In short, it’s great, and highly recommended.

The Witcher #4


Dark Horse

To be blunt, the story isn’t the selling point of the games, so I didn’t believe the comic would be worth reading. But Paul Tobin and Joe Querio have proven me wrong; they’ve taken the somewhat silly game and turned it into an atmospheric, dryly funny comic that’s a strong horror story in its own right. This is an adaptation closer to the short stories than the game, and much better for it. Highly recommended.

Sex Criminals #6

sex criminals 6

Image Comics

Time to party; one of the funniest books on the stands is back. Once again, Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky use their SF premise to explore more grounded problems surrounding sex, fear, mental illness, and taking a dump in your boss’ potted plant. And man is it funny. Highly recommended.

Unity #8



Armor Hunters continues, pretty much directly from last week’s X-O Manowar. I might recommend picking that up, first, but this is a fun continuation and Gilead and Ninjak going it alone is a fun read. Similarly, the team’s new member is going to be a lot of fun; we can’t wait to see how involving him pays off.

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