‘Grayson’, ‘Star Wars’, And Other Comics Of Note, July 9th

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The Empty Man #2

empty man 2

Boom! Studios

This book certainly has mood and style to spare, but it’s also a little unfocused. Our adversary appears to be either a virus, or a faith healer, or people a virus makes you see, or… something. Despite this, it’s got a lot of momentum, and it’s a fun horror read for those looking for a gory time.

Armor Hunters #2



It turns out Aric’s armor is less an armor and more of a virus. Being human, Aric has basically kept the armor in line… but tell that to the insane religious zealots wiping out planets. An interesting, and surprisingly gory, followup to the strong first issue, and worth a read.

Justice League United #3


DC Comics

Rann is saved…but at what price? Jeff Lemire delivers a fairly tight book, but if there’s a problem, it’s that it’s a little too crowded; we don’t get to know any of the characters well enough, so events in this book have a little less weight. Still, worth a read, especially if you like team books.

Original Sins #3

original sins 3


An off issue of this anthology series; the Young Avengers are dumb enough to be tricked by the Hood, J. Jonah Jameson is a douche, and we meet an Inhuman that has creepy faces pop up on his skin to frame a story about Black Bolt killing Kree. Nothing essential to the crossover, sadly enough.

Rai #3



Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain continue their cyberpunk story, and it’s holding up. That said, it’s more about Crain’s art at this point than the plot; there’s not exactly anything in the way of a shocking swerve here. Still, it’s a fun read, and if you enjoy cyberpunk samurai, it’s a book worth reading.

Terminator: The Enemy Of My Enemy #4


Dark Horse

Dan Jolley and Jamal Igle continue to show everyone how it’s done with this gritty, violent take on a Terminator and a CIA agent teaming up. Action-packed and highly, highly recommended.

Daredevil #5

daredevil 5


Why is Foggy Nelson faking his own death? Mark Waid and Chris Samnee take a breather to explore why Foggy is supposedly in the ground and hiding out with Matt in San Francisco, and it’s actually a fun issue that makes a loser villain like Leapfrog interesting as well. Definitely worth a read, especially if you haven’t been following this book.

Eerie #5


Dark Horse

The psychedelic tale of prehistoric mushrooms that opens this book is probably the strongest entrant, but as usual, Dark Horse delivers some of the best anthology books around. Subtle it isn’t, but fun it assuredly is.

Abe Sapien #14


Dark Horse

This book gets surreal as Abe Sapien struggles with who he is and whether he’s tied to the world essentially ending completely. It’s worth getting just for Max Fiumara uncorking the trippy visuals, but this remains a very cerebral book about loss and acceptance. Highly recommended.

X #15


Dark Horse

And just when you think the book about the muscle-bound guy in the gimp mask shooting mobsters in the face can’t get less subtle, here come the Nazis! Well, OK, they don’t appear to be Nazis per se, but they’re blond, European, racist… so, really, do the math. It appears they know something about X, though, so that has promise. Worth it for those looking for a dark, violent action book.

Star Wars #19


Dark Horse

Brian Wood starts the two-issue arc that wraps up this superb series with a fairly interesting look, once again, at what makes Leia tick. These nineteen issues have really been all about her and the choices she has to make, and one hopes Disney is paying attention. Highly recommended.

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