‘Robin Rises,’ ‘Life With Archie,’ And Other Comics Of Note, July 16th

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Original Sin: Hulk Vs. Iron Man #2

hulk v iron man

Marvel Comics

Bruce Banner is not happy with Tony Stark… and Tony might just have his beating coming. Kieron Gillen makes this book work because ultimately, it’s rooted in the characters: Tony’s arrogant, douchey behavior is coming back to bite him. The result is a compelling story of egos and flaws, and great for Marvel fans.

Savage Hulk #2

savage Hulk 2


Alan Davis’ throwback continues to be a delightful little book that perfectly captures the style and rhythms of ’70s Marvel without the cheese. Plus, it ends on a killer hook. Superhero comics at their finest, and highly recommended.

Witchfinder: Mysteries of Unland #2


Dark Horse

The script to this book isn’t exactly packed with twists and turns, but you hire Tyler Crook to make a messy horror book, by God, he’s going to deliver. Almost worth it for the art alone, as you may have guessed, but pulp fans might find something to enjoy as well.

Eye of Newt #2


Dark Horse

Michael Hague’s art is beautiful and elaborate… his writing a bit less so, especially in the first few pages of this book when it turns out our heroes are Morgan Le Fey and King Arthur. Beautiful to look at, but not much beyond that.

Burn The Orphanage: Reign Of Terror #3

burn the orphanage reign of terror 3

Image Comics

Sina Grace and Daniel Freedman’s tribute to the fighting games of the early ’90s just gets more and more ridiculous, and you kind of have to love them for it. Not for everybody, but decidedly worth a read, and often very funny.

Brain Boy: The Men From G.E.S.T.A.L.T. #3


Dark Horse

How much worse can a conspiracy-obsessed nutjob make things for Matt Price? Oh, there are ways. Fred Van Lente and Freddie Williams II continue their action-packed and rather lighthearted take on being the government’s best psychic, and it’s a joy to read as always. Highly recommended.

Silver Surfer #4

silver surfer 4


Dan Slott and Mike Allred continue their take on the Surfer, who brings Dawn Greenwood back to Anchor Bay… and discovers it’s a lot nastier than you might expect. The Guardians of the Galaxy cameo is pretty forced, but at least it’s funny, and it doesn’t detract from a book that’s by turns hilarious and unnerving. Highly recommended.

Translucid #4

translucid 4

Boom! Studios

This deep dive into the psyche of a hero is a pretty fascinating book, and has been for the last four issues. That said, at this point the script by Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert just feels like it’s laying it on a little thick. Dead brother, abusive father, and now suicidal mom? What’s next, his dog’s an arsonist? That said, Daniel Bayless’s art, which can shift from grounded images to heroics to psychedelia, and Adam Metcalfe’s coloring work elevate this book and turn it into a vivid, fascinating book worth picking up.

The Witcher #5


Dark Horse

Paul Tobin and Joe Querio finish off their clever, well-written horror story with a corker of a final issue. Tobin’s twist ending makes sense and fits the dreamy mood of the story; it’s as much sad as it is horrific, as much about self-delusion as it is about violence. Querio’s art, meanwhile, fits the mood perfectly. Fan of the games or not, and I fall very much into the latter category, you owe to yourself to pick this one up: It stands on its own. Highly recommended.

Original Sin #6

original sin 6


Nick Fury has spent decades killing anybody who might eat, enslave, or otherwise subjugate humanity. And now, he’s dying… so somebody else has to take the job. But who? This crossover continues to be a twisty, clever little take on the Marvel U, and absolutely worth reading. Recommended.

Ms. Marvel #6

ms marvel 6


This being a Marvel book, you get one guess who the guest star is. G. Willow Wilson, though, handles the idea with quite a bit of aplomb, and she handles said special guest quite deftly. Jake Wyatt takes over art and it actually works quite well. In all, one of the best books Marvel is putting out, and once again, highly recommended.

Ghost #6


Dark Horse

Chris Sebela and Jan Duursema continue their updating of Dark Horse’s spectral hero. Honestly, their take on an insane cryptkeeper is actually pretty clever, once the ball gets rolling, but a little too talky to really be as effective as it should. Still worth a read, however.

Magneto #7

magneto 7


Cullen Bunn resurrects one of the dumber ideas in the X-Men continuity and… actually makes it work. More than that, he rather wisely makes this issue all about how Magneto doesn’t really need his magnetic powers to kick your ass. It’s another fascinating, if very dark, story in what’s becoming one of Marvel’s best sleeper books. Highly recommended.

Unity #9



Mostly this is about Gilead and Ninjak fighting alien dogs. Hey, hard to complain, especially when the issue ends with the promise of Bloodshot being, well, Bloodshot. It’s a nice little addition to the Armor Hunters crossover.

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