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‘Bob’s Burgers’ And Other Comics Of Note, August 27th

By 08.27.14

Dream Thief: Escape #3


Dark Horse

Jai Nitz’s mystical noir is one of my favorite books on the stands right now. Tadd Galusha filling in for Greg Smallwood is a little odd, but he’s more than capable and does a superb job with the action. Furthermore the insight you get into how the Dream Thief works is an action-packed and fascinating story in of itself. Highly recommended.

Super Secret Crisis War #3


IDW Publishing

Louise Simonson impressively balances the tone and style of several different Cartoon Network shows in one gloriously ridiculous crossover, with Derek Charm’s work imitating a bunch of styles while keeping them distinct and putting down some great layouts. It’s a fun, goofy crossover you’ll actually want to read.

Kill Shakespeare: The Mask Of Night #3


IDW Publishing

There are endless literary pastiches in comic books using public domain characters. They rarely bother to try and get the characters right, let alone try to capture the soul and style of the work they’re imitating. Kill Shakespeare not only has the guts to tackle the works of one of the greatest authors in the English language, they consistently make it work. Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col nail Shakespeare, and Andy Berlanger’s woodcut-styled art is never less than gorgeous. This particular arc, bringing piracy and Twelfth Night into the mix, is particularly great, though. A well-done series, and highly recommended.

Inhuman #4



Charles Soule rather cleverly balances action and diplomacy in this book, although Ryan Stegman’s art is a little too close to Joe Mad sometimes, and it’s distracting. Still, a solid, engaging, and even smart book from both, and well worth reading.

C.O.W.L. #4

Screenshot 2014-08-27 at 11.58

Image Comics

Chicago’s unionized superheroes go on strike, and you get one guess how that works out. This book is becoming one of my favorites not least because of how smartly it uses its ’60s Chicago setting and labor relations hook, while still offering superheroic action when it makes sense. Definitely a book worth reading.

Rai #4



Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain make 41st century Japan even stranger in this issue. The cyberpunk sensibility on display makes this a fun read, albeit a bit slight and humorless by Valiant standards. Still, worth a read for those who like SF and cyberpunk.

Conan The Avenger #5


Dark Horse

Conan fights an undead pig-man. Seriously. It’d be ridiculous if it weren’t so awesome, and if you want some fun high fantasy in your sub pile, this will more than do the job.

Black Science #8

Screenshot 2014-08-27 at 12.23

Image Comics

Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera’s dark pulp takes an interesting turn here as the dust settles, somewhat, from the last few issues. Not that everybody isn’t still screwed and everything isn’t going horribly wrong, but this is as close to a breather as this freight train of a series ever gets. Highly recommended.

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