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Knuckles Goes For The Chaos Emerald In This Exclusive Preview Of ‘Sonic Universe’ #66

By 08.04.14
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Archie Publications

The Chaos Emeralds really shouldn’t be floating around for just anybody to grab, so Knuckles has taken it upon himself to keep them out of the wrong hands. Something which could be going better, as this exclusive preview of Sonic Universe #66 shows us.

Sonic Universe, as you may have guessed, deals with the broader universe built around the fastest hedgehog alive. Thankfully, none of it has to do with Sonic “anointing” himself, but it does try to fill in gaps for the game and tell its own fun stories. And, of course, it’s heavy on the action, as you can see from this preview…


Archie Publications

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Archie Publications


Archie Publications

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