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Jon Hamm Is Very Flattered You Want Him As Doctor Strange

By 08.22.14


We know Doctor Strange is coming: Marvel announced it, in addition to announcing they’d be skipping over his douchey origin. They’ve got a director. But who’s playing the good, well, semi-good, OK, neutral doctor? According to Jon Hamm…

…He’s not in the running. In fact, he hasn’t heard anything about it, as he mentions in an interview with Digital Spy. But he does think Doctor Strange is a cool character, something he admits after joking the Internet knows more than he does about his own career. Maybe it got started because of his cool beard?

That… actually doesn’t trim the list down at all, really. Marvel has supposedly been talking to Joaquin Phoenix, Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Jared Leto, who may be too busy leading a cult or something.

Marvel casting rumors being what they are, they’re probably all wrong and it’s going to be somebody willing to sign a nine film contract at $300,000 a movie. So, setting aside all jokes and rumors, that means it’s probably Ethan Hawke, who’s worked with the movie’s director Scott Derrickson before. Hey, at least he already has the perv-goatee.

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