25 More Geeky And Funny Valentines For Your Precious

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funny valentines avengers-captain-america-fondue

Earlier this week we shared 25 geeky valentines with an emphasis on Star Trek. Today we have 25 more funny valentines. Star Trek is well represented again, but we also have cards for Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Batman, Captain America, and more.

Links to print or buy them are included in case you want to pick anything up for the ones you love, the ones you merely tolerate, and the ones you’re totally trying to “fondue”. As always, you can also view these as a single page.

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Check out the rest of this valentine at Patrick McQuade’s shop.

funny valentines star wars darth vader Patrick McQuade

Star Wars valentine made by Alicia (for sale here)

funny valentines alicia-mb-starwars-01

Doctor Who valentine made by Alicia (for sale here)

funny valentines alicia-mb-doctorwho-01

[via / via]

funny valentines wrongness-pokemon-bulbasore

For sale here.

funny valentines star trek you're number one

For sale here.

funny valentines star trek klingon to you

Star Trek valentine by Sailor Swayze

funny valentines star trek spock illogical

For sale here.

funny valentines star trek you had me at pon farr


funny valentines captain america pun



Doctor Who [via]


Doctor Who [via]


Attack on Titan valentines (for sale here)


Attack on Titan valentines (for sale here)


Doctor Who valentine by Beth Evans.


Portal 2 valentine made by Frank.


For sale here. [via]


Cthulhu card for sale here.


For sale here.


More Firefly valentines available at Chelsea Davison’s site.


The spice must flow. [via]





funny valentines lotr lord of the rings the hobbit gollum


funny valentines batman joker dead parents joke

Check out the rest of our funny valentines HERE.

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