3D Display Lets You Touch A Boob

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07.01.10 2 Comments

Of course you are.

Researchers at Japan’s Gifu University are working on HIRO III, a haptic interface that is combined with a 3D picture to create the illusion that you are touching the object on the screen. It’s the first system to provide realistic sensations (like the weight of an object) at the user’s fingertips. It has fifteen degrees of freedom in the hand and another six in the arm, but let’s get right to the point: boobs.

In the video below, Professor Haruhisa Kawasaki explains the system, with an emphasis on how it can be used to train doctors to perform breast examinations. Giggity.  And here’s a quote from the interview: “Although mammography screening is becoming more advanced, tactile examination is still necessary.” Oh, that’s a giggity. I bet some doctors love saying that.

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