5 Reasons "Game of Thrones" is Way Better As a TV Show

Yes, I know, I know, feed the heretic to the baby dragons. Calling out George R.R. Martin’s classic fantasy series for not being as good as an “adaptation”, even one as great as “Game of Thrones”, is nerd heresy. But it’s really past time we, as nerds, admitted something, and that something is:

The show’s better. Quite a bit better, actually.

This isn’t to say the books are big piles of flaming dog turds, because they’re not. But a TV series offers certain advantages that the books can’t match. Advantages like…

#5) Getting To The Goddamn Point

Look, these books are doorstops, and frankly, a lot of it is absolutely unnecessary unless you’re putting together a D&D campaign based on the books. Which, yes, many of the readers are doing, but even so, Good Lord. There’s a reason Martin offed that character you like: otherwise you’d have stopped paying attention three books ago.

Fantasy series in particular love doing this; turning out lengthy series with high page counts per book. The all time champion is probably Robert Jordan, but Martin’s no slouch: “A Dance With Dragons” was a thousand freaking pages, and it’s the fifth book. In a series that has at least two books to go. Because he felt the need to fill in a time skip.

#4) The Dialogue Is Better Spoken

This is entirely personal preference, and partially due to the cast they’ve assembled, but Martin’s dialogue sounds better read aloud than it does on the page. True, it’s not like the series is taking chunks of dialogue wholesale, but there are definitely moments where what plods a bit on the page takes off on the screen.

#3) The Actors Bring Out More Nuance in the Characters

Part of the reason it’s hard to get into “Game of Thrones” as a series of novels is the fact that within the first hundred pages, you’ve got it firmly established who the bad guys and the good guys are, and…well…that’s it. One of the more frustrating things about the novels is as much time is spent on the world and characters, some of them remain pretty flat. Thankfully, whoever doesn’t get trimmed gets a bit more dimension on the screen.

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