5 Reasons "Mass Effect 2" Has the Worst Side Mission Ever

By: 03.02.12  •  17 Comments
We’ve been replaying “Mass Effect 2”, and thoroughly enjoying it. Or we were, at least, until we came to the mission.

That one mission. On Aite. “Overlord”. DLC on the XBox, included on the PS3 version, and sheer pain no matter how you slice it.

If there was ever a moment when a planet cracker would be handy to have, it’d be for this, so we could wreck this whole planet, throw it into the sun, and watch it burn while laughing merrily.

“Mass Effect 2” is a great game, absolutely. The overall game is superb. But the “Overlord” side mission is an exercise in wanting to punch everybody who came up with it until they cry true tears of remorse.

It’s the worst side mission ever. And we’re counting escort missions in that.

#5) The Hammerhead

Oh, sweet zombie Jeebus, the Hammerhead.

Why obligatory vehicle sections still exist, we’ll never know. And to BioWare’s credit, they just wanted to give the gameplay some variety. Still, this thing was and is a nightmare: the controls are clunky; the firepower makes those turret fights an exercise in frustration; and best of all, you get thrown into the thing with no idea how the controls work or what the hell you’re supposed to do with them. The only saving grace is that the computer voice in the Hammerhead is an incredible smart-ass, and that does make things slightly less frustrating. Slightly.

It’s like helicopters in GTA and its clones: we know you want to do it, but it doesn’t work. Let it go. Of course, you couldn’t, of course you had to…

#4) Make Us Platform With The Thing

Find whoever thought this was a good idea and fire him. Out of a cannon. Into a wall. Made of spikes.

The one upside is that you can glitch through these areas if you screw up, which you will, but somebody should explain to whoever came up with this bright idea that glitching your way through a section is not “fun”. It’s “annoying”. Especially when you’re dealing with clunky controls.

#3) The Collectibles

Oh, remember when we were talking earlier about “not knowing what you have to do?” Hope you checked the trophies before you landed on Aite, because there are some collectibles you’ll have to pick up. Not that you will be informed about this; no, you’ll stumble onto them after fighting a couple of turrets. And then you’ll spend a lot of time wandering around, looking for turrets to shoot at you to find the damn data packets.

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