Straight To The Bank: 50 Cent’s ‘The 50th Law’ Is Now A Comic Book

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Do you want to be filthy successful? 50 Cent suggests reading his comic book, The 50th Law Comic, which he says is “your guide to becoming rich and powerful.” The comic is based on The 50th Law, the book by 50 Cent and Robert Greene which debuted on The New York Times‘ Best Seller’s List back in 2009. The comic adaptation is published by SmartComics with artwork by Dave Crosland (AKA King Gum).

If all those pesky words in The 50th Law were making it too damn tedious to become rich and powerful, now you can learn how to be filthy successful by looking at pictures instead. Then you can start dealing drugs at age 12, get shot, release mixtapes, be discovered by Eminem . . . PROFIT. It’s so easy!

The book trailer and some panels are available below. Fiddy is also giving out a free chapter at 50 Cent Comic. We went there looking to buy two comics for a buck. Totally misleading, you guys.


[H/T: Bleeding Cool and This Is 50]

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