Ad for Soul Calibur V Actually Manages to Offend Japan

01.09.12 6 years ago

Soul Calibur V is coming out soon in Japan, and to promote the game, Namco created the ad to the right. Not exactly the most subtle, but then neither is Soul Calibur. A pair of giant Tupperware-bowl boobs pretty much sums up the main appeal of the series at this point.

The boob ad raised some eyebrows, but no real complaints or outrage. Namco clearly believed they had a winning formula and released a second ad in the same vein, but unfortunately this one was just too much for the ever-tasteful Japanese public and was quickly removed from Namco’s website. You can check out the second ad out after the jump…





Namco has learned a valuable lesson here — while everyone likes breasts, at most only half the population digs penis (and really only in certain contexts). You can’t just substitute one naughty part for another and expect the same results. Now, a poster with a large ass on it — I think that would’ve gone over much more smoothly. If Namco would only take the time to consult me about such things.

via Digital Battle

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