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Another thing I can’t live without premiered at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (video below). RCA is going to be selling the pocket-sized “Airnergy wi-fi signal harvester” starting this summer, for a price of $39 to $49.  The device picks up surrounding wi-fi signals (you don’t need to connect to the network) and uses them to charge an internal battery, which can then be used to recharge small devices like cell phones.  At CES they charged a BlackBerry from 30% power to full power in about an hour and a half.  RCA is also working on building this tech directly into cell phone batteries (by next year, they hope). 

Tesla’s dream of wireless electricity can now fit in a pocket.  I just have to wonder how well this works in places with weaker wi-fi signals.  Can it charge a sybian in a cornfield?  I’m asking for a friend.

[More pictures at Endgadget]

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