This Music Video Is You, Internet.

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09.15.11 6 Comments

This video for the song “Hey Mister” by only the finest .gifs in a carefully-crafted meme sauce. (Sidenote: “Meme Sauce” is my new band name; don’t steal it.) This video only has 6,500 views, and that’s a f–king travesty. You need to open this video in ten tabs and watch them all simultaneously to right this horrible wrong (and also ’cause that would be awesome).

I defy you to watch the video below and not get totally pumped for today. I can’t not get psyched when I see a surprise cameo from Filmdrunk’s favorite airpuncher Aubrey Tennant. It’s gonna be a great day, Internet. Let’s go get ice cream.

[Hat tip and extra sprinkles to HYST.]

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