All the cool kids cook bacon with a machine gun

Entertainment Editor
03.31.10 7 Comments

Did you know you can cook your bacon while slaughtering that pig’s relatives with a machine gun?  Hardc0re.  Redditor Oelund — henceforth to be known only as “Oelund the Magnificent” — wrapped tinfoil around bacon, then tied it to the barrel of a MG 42.  Firing off 100 to 250 rounds will cook the bacon, and ensure your place in the Hall of Badass Mofos.  And if you’re worrying about the risk of lead poisoning, GTFO what are you doing in the Hall of Badass Mofos we have a strict “don’t question the bacon” policy here.

That’ll do, pig.

[Via Neatorama, more pics at Everydaynodaysoff]

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