"Apollo 18": "Blair Moon Witch?"

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Give this to Timur Bekmanbetov: the man keeps busy turning out B-movies. “Wanted” had barely made enough money to make him popular in Hollywood before he started producing movies left and right. He has his hands in “The Darkest Hour”, “9”, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” (which he’s also directing), and also this.

The basic plot: we sent a secret mission to the Moon, because apparently the Russkies also sent up a secret one and, this suddenly being the 1980s again, they were all killed. So the US investigates, probably to give the killer alien a high-five. Then it eats them.

Apparently it’s done entirely with “found footage”. Also apparently it needed a lot of work: it was originally going to come out in March, and got delayed to Labor Day weekend. Check out the teaser below and see what you think.

Whoops, wrong video. THIS one!

[ via the moonbats at Wired ]

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