A New Clip, Fifteen Pictures, An Improved Poster, And TV Spots For 'The Avengers'

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04.11.12 2 Comments

“FOUND HULK. Now we are bros, so he’s staying. Don’t call. Don’t make it weird.” — Hawkeye

We have a bunch of new Avengers stuff today, so let’s get right to it. We have the newest clip of Tony Stark and Loki having a friendly chat over drinks. There are also two new TV spots below (mostly footage we’ve already seen). We also have 15 new stills from the film and the “fixed” Avengers poster tweeted by Loki himself (Tom Hiddleston).
Don’t like any of this stuff? We’ll let Tony Stark respond to that:
[Sources: CBM, MTV, BleedingCool, EpicPonyz]

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