Best Unboxing Video Ever

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I put the real picture after the jump so as not to spoil the punchline.  That’s why they call me the Spoiler Alert Kid.  (Or it may be because I always yell “Spoiler alert!” right before climax.)

Cool Gear Reviews was sick of unboxing videos which obsess over the packaging of a product and say nothing about its features, making them useless to everyone except the person exited over their new toy, so he made his own unboxing video to show how it’s done.  It was a nice touch that a YouTube commenter left a note in Russian to explain to other Russians that the unboxing videos in our culture are made to “prove that the product was shipped with all the accessories”.  I can’t tell if that’s sarcasm, or if this guy doesn’t realize we make unboxing videos only so we can lord our immense consumer debt over others.


[Hat tip and two fair condition twisty ties to Technabob.]

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