Best Wrist-Mounted Flamethrower You’ll See Today

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11.12.10 6 Comments

Sometimes I like to get contemplative while holding a homemade flamethrower, too.

Everett Bradford created his “Prometheus Device” (fancy term for a wrist-mounted flamethrower) based on the X-Men character Pyro.  Here’s Bradford’s explanation for how this awesome thing works, which I’ll pretend to understand:

“It uses a microcontroller to actuate a servo-controlled valve which is on top of this tank of a butane and propane mixture. It uses an arc generator to generate a spark across an arc gap in front of the burner. It uses a flexion sensor to determine how far back my hand is. […] The flame intensity corresponds to how far back my hand is.”

*puffs pipe* Quite so. Quite so.  I see you’ve used an aardvark generator to create a spork across the tarmac in front of your burner. Good show. Good show.

Schematics available at VillainSchool, but don’t use them ’cause you’ll probably die.

[And a tip of our top hats to TheAwesomer]

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