It’s Business Time: Bret McKenzie Is Making An Animated Series About NASA

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Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords in the music video for Bowie's In Space

Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Conchords — sorry, we meant Oscar winner Bret McKenzie — is developing an animated comedy series set in a NASA space center. Fox picked up the show for its Sunday night Animation Domination block. McKenzie will write and produce the series with Rebecca May and Tony Gama-Lobo (King of the Hill). Bret McKenzie setting up some business time with King of the Hill writers? Yes please.

The untitled workplace comedy follows the exploits of a group of employees toiling away at an almost-obsolete NASA space center in Boulder, Colorado. McKenzie hasn’t yet committed to voicing a part on the show, but that remains a possibility. [TV Guide via Vulture]

An almost-obsolete NASA space center? Isn’t that all of them? Ha ha, ha ha, our funding priorities are all wrong.

We thought about posting the most space-related Flight of the Conchords song (“Bowie“) to celebrate, but I like this other song more. This one goes out to all the robot ladies of the world.

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