Bronies Fund Movie About How Great Bronies Are to the Tune of Nearly 350 Thousand Dollars

Guess what the second most funded film project in the history of Kickstarter is? It has to do with a certain equine-themed Internet meme! Yup, Bronies have ponied up over 320 thousand dollars via Kickstarter (and another 26k via PayPal) to make BronyCon: The Documentary happen.

The filmmakers have begun casting. These are the specific kind of pony loving guys they’re looking for…

– Military Bronies who are living in Arizona specifically.

– A parent and son in his 20’s who are both fans and have bonded over MLP.

– An adult Brony who has Aspergers, Autism or other syndrome or disorder and has been    helped by the show.

– Bronies living in the Southern California area with interesting lives and stories to tell.

I dunno, something feels more than a little off about just outright saying “We’ve already written this documentary’s script and these are the inspirational stories we’re looking for!” Seems a little artificial. Kind of like the whole Brony thing in general.

Hmmm, I wonder where the documentary is for the little girls that make up 90% of My Little Pony’s audience and enjoy the show in a non-ironic way? You know, the non-neckbeards the show was actually made for. Guess that would be boring. Heh heh, guys watching My Little Pony! How endlessly fascinating.

via BleedingCool

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