This Calvin And Hobbes Themed Wedding Is Stupendous

03.04.13 5 years ago 10 Comments

Stephanie and Jonathan were married in California last summer, and we’re just now seeing the adorable photos from their Calvin and Hobbes themed wedding. They had a great reason to use the classic Bill Watterson comic strip for inspiration.

We wanted our wedding to feel like our relationship — joyful, kid-at-heart, quirky, whimsical, breezy, with a dash of mischievousness. We came to the realization that these were all adjectives that described our beloved Calvin and Hobbes comic series — one of the first things we bonded over, when we met five years ago! [Offbeat Bride via Neatorama]

Stephanie, a financial analyst, designed the invitations, programs, and other paper products with a Calvin and Hobbes theme. Jonathan, a 5th grade teacher, sewed a Hobbes stuffed toy for the ring bearer and painted a Transmorgifier and Calvin and Hobbes cake toppers. No word on whether or not the reception ended with a game of Calvinball.

Check out some of the pictures taken by Junshien Lau below. The rest are at Offbeat Bride.

It’s a magical world, you two. Time to go exploring!

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