Cats Saying Eff That (And Links)

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I love this so much: The Hilarious Photoshops of True American Dog |UPROXX|

This Week in Posters: The Rum Diary, Baby Goose, and Robot Box |Film Drunk|

‘Toddlers & Tiaras’ Mom Defends Dressing Daughter Like A Famous Prostitute |Warming Glow|

Meme Watch: Captain Hindsight Saves The Day By Telling You What You Should Have Done |UPROXX|

You Can Finally Put Some Delicious Schweddy Balls in Your Mouth |UPROXX|

The Dugout: John Mayberry Wants to F**k a Mermaid |With Leather|

4th And A Long Shot: 10 Predictions For The NFL Season |TSS|

New Favorite Thing: Surf Dog Hall of Fame |With Leather|

Chris Evans Is Having a Blast on the Set of Avengers |Film Drunk|

Happy Birthday to Me: TNT Orders Pilot About Crime-Solving Dog |Warming Glow|

“Tha Carter IV” Sells A Million, Lil Wayne Ascends The Throne |TSS|

Nick Swardson’s 9 Funniest Moments |TSJ|

The Best and Worst Schools in Movies |Moviefone|

The Cast of “Sons of Anarchy” All Cleaned Up |Pajiba|

17 Photobooth Pictures Featuring Puppies |Buzzfeed|

“Man, the Russian Street Fighter IV movie looks like sh-t.” |GorillaMask|

Kate Winslet Talks Nude Scenes. And Yes, That Is a Purple Monkey. |FARK|

VIDEO BELOW: A cat watches the kitten watching Nyan Cat. Internet, WHAT HAST THOU WROUGHT? |via TheDailyWhat|

[Pictures via Reddit and PleatedJeans]

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