Cats Who Want To Participate (And Links)

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Meme Watch: Aaron Rodgers Photobombing Throughout History |With Leather|

The Best Of Ellen Muthaf*ckin’ Barkin’s Muthf*ckin’ Tweets So Muthaf*ckin’ Far |UPROXX|

Police Academy Guy Michael Winslow Performs Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ With His Mouth |UPROXX|

Oscar Watch: “Gang Of Roses 2” Featuring Amber Rose, Rocsi & More Grade-A Thespians |Smoking Section|

My Husband Is Cousins With Marky Mark, And I’m Only A Little Retarded |With Leather|

What if we replaced the star-studded cast of New Year’s Eve with Terrence Howard in different hats? |Film Drunk|

‘Breaking Bad’ Wrap Parties Are Awesome |Warming Glow|

Piranha 3DD Trailer: Piranhas at a water park |Film Drunk|

Drake’s Okay With Being Labeled “Emo” |Smoking Section|

The Old Skeksis Scare Prank |I-Am-Bored|

Affleck’s ‘The Town’ in Real Life |The Daily What|

The 12 Crappiest Movies of Carla Gugino’s Career |Pajiba|

George Carlin Answered A 14 Year-Old’s Letter |NextRound|

ROBOT CHICKEN: New York Comic Con 2011 Panel |Adult Swim|

From Elton John to The Pixies: 21 Great Movie Music Cues |Moviefone|

Five TV Shows that Started Great, Went Bad and Then Were Great Again |The Smoking Jacket|

Hello Kitty Ghostbusters Proton Pack: There’s Something Strange in Your Neighborhood |Technabob|

VIDEO BELOW: Let that cat play basketball! |via TastefullyOffensive|

[Pictures via TheFrogman and Catasters.]

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