Conan O’Brien And The Adorable Alex Morgan Can ‘Just Dance 4’

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10.01.12 2 Comments

Conan O’Brien does a “Clueless Gamer” segment on Conan in which he plays video games with help from Aaron Blayaert. Now we get to watch Conan flail around gracefully jitterbug to Kinect’s Just Dance 4. This time they’ve replaced Blayaert with Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan to see if we noticed. Of course we noticed, because Alex Morgan is adorable. We’re talking, momma cat carrying a kitten in her jaws, pug derping across the carpet adorable.

As with Conan’s previous game reviews (Skyrim, Minecraft, and Resident Evil), he’s not very good at the game but amusing nonetheless. He also gives helpful suggestions about the game’s dance move abbreviations and its unwillingness to let you freestyle some sweet moves. The only thing this video is missing is an automatic mute when “Call Me Maybe” plays.

[Hat tip and an unsigned headshot to Geekosystem.]

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